You can get dinner and a show at McDonald’s....or put on your own show and get arrested.
Watch the video and decide for yourself:  McFair or McUnfair.


Diana Anderson is an employee at a Mickey D’s in Akron, Ohio who just so happens to sing to the customers.
It turns out that Anderson has a very good classical voice, which she shares with the patrons, some of whom say they come to the restaurant on a regular basis just to listen.
As for why she feels the need to sing, Anderson, 71, who has worked at the establishment as a part-time hostess for the last five years, simply says, “Prayer and singing have brought me through some really dark times!” She adds, “I feel this is a ministry for me.”
She also performs in the back of the restaurant so she doesn’t get in the way of customers ordering their food or hijack any conversations.

[Akron Beacon Journal]


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