Mayweather's record is now 42-0, as he defeats Victor Ortiz Saturday night with a knockout in the fourth round. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas was packed and rounds 1-3 were entertaining, but it wasn't until Victor Ortiz head butted Mayweather, when the real action began.

 As the fight restarted,  Ortiz attempts to apologize to Mayweather, but Floyd leaned in with a quick left then a hard right, knocking Victor Ortiz to the mat. Dazed and surprised, Ortiz was and unable to get up by the end of the countdown. He claims Floyd “blindsided” him; however Ortiz was penalized moments earlier for the head butt.

At the end of the fight, Mayweather goes in on HBO commentator Larry Merchant yelling “you never give me a fair shake” and “HBO should fire you’re a**.” Merchant responded “if I were only fifty years younger I would kick you’re a**”.  Larry Merchant later expressed remorse for losing his cool.

Ortiz is around ten years younger than Floyd, and after sixteen months off, that didn’t stop him from becoming victorious tonight. Mayweather mentioned on HBO’s 24/7 that he may actually retire after this fight. For this match Floyd Mayweather will pull in around $25 million while Ortiz will receive about $2 million.