I remember this time last year we had a conversation that took place on the Know Thyself Community Wednesday (that will return to the air soon by the way) as to the relevancy of Black History Month and the responses were quite interesting to say the least. Anyone who feels that African history in no longer important is completely out of their mind!

The issue(s) with African Americans in this country are enormous and for me it always seems that we are at a disadvantage because no one can simply agree on a plan of remedy. We should all agree that we are not a color but a race known as African and our history is far greater than the month of February.

February should be used as a launching pad each year to ignite the consciousness of a people with a very rich heritage and history that should be researched, studied and celebrated year round to keep everyone grounded so that we may begin to excel as a people in this country and abroad.

Check out what Maya Angelou had to say on the subject by clicking the link below: