We love the Queen of Hip Hop Soul! But we the fans were not impressed by her latest endorsement. The  folks at Burger King promptly pulled the TV ad featuring MJB dancing on the table top and singing about friend chicken! Details and Video Inside

Mary J. Blige is peddling crispy chicken for Burger King and getting a lot of heat for it. The ad aired yesterday and has Mary singing the ingredients of a new snack wrap, “Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing, wrapped up in a tasty flour tortilla," but after public outcry the ad has disappeared from the BK Youtube channel! ( But you can still watch it here)

The new spot sparked more than its share of online backlash as most fans deemed it selling out and stereotypical and were shocked that Mary would lend her name (and voice) to a sandwich. Fans took to Twiter to share sentiments like, “Just watched @maryjblige singing about chicken in a Burger King ad, and stared the blankest stare of my life” and “Oh @Maryjblige how I LOVE thee..but im not sure about this Burger King ad.”

Rumors have surfaced that Blige received $2million for doing the ad and there is no official reason given for the withdrawl of the commercial from the Internet. 

  Other celebrities also promoting the burger house's new menu include soccer stud David Beckham, actress Selma Hayek and Jay Leno. Their TV ads remain.

Click here to watch the controversial ad starring the Queen of Hip Hop Soul

Why do you think MJB's ad was pulled?