A female listener hit me up with tonight's Scenario lets try to help her out. Here is what she is dealing with:

“Ok so I’m a young fun married woman (26). But I don’t know how to tell my husband I don’t fit this life right now. I really think I’m to young to be married. I don’t have any kids so it’s kinda hard for me to just sit at home. What he wants out of me I’m not ready to give. Its like he wants me to be someone else. I handle my own business and never ask him for anything financial. I take care of myself and we don’t fuss or fight or any of that crazy stuff and he is a good person I consider him to be more like a roommate.

Before we got together I was working 2 jobs but still managed to have a fun life ! Now my life is like this I work and stay home because I’m his only friend. I want out but don’t wanna look back when I get in my mid to late 30’s and say I had a good man but I left. I’m not looking for a man I just wanna live up my 20s because I will never get them back . I know he loves me, that’s what hurts the most but I wanna be free.”

What should she do stay and be unhappy or leave and risk ending up with NOTHING ? If you ever have a question you would like on the scenarion hit me up at one of the social networks below or djsupreme@townsqauremedia.com