The family of Marlon Brown of Deland, Florida, the 38-year-old man that was run over and killed by a police patrol car has released the graphic video, hoping to receive justice, reports Huffington Post.

The grand jury in the case said that there was not enough evidence to criminally prosecute James Harris the officer driving the cruiser.


“On May 31, the chief of police reviewed the video of the incident. Upon reviewing, he determined the actions in the video did not meet our internal standards,” said DeLand Police Sgt. Chris Estes, who said Harris was fired the same day.


Through dash-cam footage, Harris can be heard saying, “I think he’s underneath the f*cking car.”


According to authorities, Brown may have been pulled over for not wearing a seat-belt and it is also alleged that he may have tried to get away from police at the time of the incident.


“My children, Marlon’s family — we’re very disappointed,” the victim’s ex-wife,Krystal Brown. ”We feel very betrayed by the criminal justice system.”


“This was an execution in a vegetable garden,” the Brown family attorney,Benjamin Crump, told reporters Wednesday. “The officer came at Marlon with such velocity that … he could not have stopped.


“And for what?” asked Crump. “An alleged seat belt violation. That’s why we were having this high speed chase?”