So the other night I got invited out to Niagara Falls,NY For the Caskey (Cash Money Records) Concert to DJ a set for Code Red Global. While I was there it was a lot of great talent actually just keeping it 100 This is the first event Ive went to where I liked all of the music I heard lol. Well about midway through the show I seen a guy like fighting his way through the crowd towards the stage with crutches. I was thinking to myself like "Hes bugging I would never come out like this lol" , But then I seen him hop on stage throw his crutches down sit in a chair and completely rip the stage bar for bar song for song. I was amazed at how he even in pain was able to put on a great show and the crowd was going crazy as he was performing too. After the show I had to ask around because I wanted to hear some more of his music and I found out that it was non other than MARK LEE. Check Out one of his latest videos called "Black Boy" share with your friends and leave comments.


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