Mariah Carey, 43, dislocated her shoulder after taking a tumble on the set of her latest music video. According to reports, the singer was in New York filming the remix of her single #Beautiful with rapper Young Jeezy when the accident happened.

Some reports suggest she may have tripped over while dancing in heels for the video, which was being directed by husband Nick Cannon. Isn't Mariah Carey rich? Why didn't she hire someone to insure she was safe??

I have all sorts of love for Mariah Carey, but this was stupid move. Mariah has never been known for her dance why, at 43, is she trying to become a ballerina?

Mariah Carey ,stay in your lane. Here is what your fans want from you: We want to hear high-pitch notes and see you halfway dressed, with wind blowing through hair. Anything else, we don't need from you in a music video!