Reports confirm that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have been separated and living apart for months. The divorce will be finalized soon and they are currently hashing out a property agreement and a custody agreement for their three year old twins Morocaan and Monroe.

Apparently Mariah Carey also has a "gag" agreement in place where Nick isn't allowed to say anything about about  the divorce. If he does, severe financial penalties will follow. However the deal is "one sided" because Mariah can announce the split whenever she wants.

Sources say its a number of factors that lead to the break up, but infidelity isn't one of them. However Nick did an interview on Big Boy's Power 106 radio show about four months ago and played a game where he had to name all the famous women he slept with. Kim Kardashian was on the list and Mariah was humiliated. People say the relationship never recovered. He also talked about how Mariah didn't give up the goods until they got married. This may have made her upset as well.

Nick's demanding work schedule also plays a major part. Since 2011, he has brought in over $75 million dollars through hosting and other jobs. He's seems to be more relevant than her now and days. They both agree its more important to focus on the kids and that's the only time they really see eachother. Good luck to them!

Check out the video of him on Big Boy's show below: