Naturally tonight's big dummy is Manti Te'o.  Manti Te's is a college football player who led the Fighting Irish to the BCS championship game this year and finished second for the Heisman Trophy, said in a statement today that he fell in love with a girl online last year who turned out not to be real. Huh ?

His imaginary girlfriends name was Lennay Kekua,  she died of leukemia in September on the same day Te'o's grandmother died.  Everybody felt so sympathetic for him they didn't even bother to check to see if the woman was real.  This is absolutely crazy, I don't see how some one could fall in love with some one they never met ?   Also why he didn't go to the love of his life funeral ?

This all seems like a ploy to get attention that fell all the way apart. I don't believe he wasn't apart of this hoax. If he what he is saying is true and he really did believe this person was a real person he might be the BIG DUMMY OF THE YEAR !