Vincent Bright a 48-year-old Detroit man is the BIG DUMMY OF THE NIGHT. He remains behind bars after he was arrested on disinterment of a body charges after he stole the body of his 93-year-old father from a cemetery on Monday. Police found Clarence Bright's remains stuffed inside a freezer in his Vincent's basement. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of the felony charge. For the mean time, he remains jailed on $75,000 bond. He will also undergo a mental evaluation to determine his level of crazy.

Here is the account of one of the deceased man's neighbors she told the Detroit Free Press.

"At the funeral, he said, 'Y'all might think I'm great, y'all might think I'm great' everybody heard that at the funeral,". "Then he said, 'Watch what I'm going to do, watch what I'm going to do.' Everybody heard that the whole family, too. We didn't think he was going to do nothing like that, though."

This man has either lost his mind or maybe he knows something I don't.

Police Lt. Harold Rochon told The Detroit News that the son was religious and took the body hoping for it to be miraculously resurrected. There has been no factual proven resurrections in the history of man kind sorry Vincent Bright don't try this at home.