According to city pages, Wesley Winston is probably the most honest BIG DUMMY in THE BIG DUMMY FILES. He was arrested in Minneapolis, for stealing a bait car when police asked him what he was doing he replied "Man, I should have just walked home but my feet were sore,". I thought this kind of stupidity only occured on the TV show but apparently it is real.

Winston has been charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle, he faces up to five years in prison. This is what is wrong with people today, at 21 years old you shouldn't be that lazy where you feel the need to steal a car because your feet are sore. I know we have all heard the stories that our grandparents told about back in my day we would walk for all the way (insert far fetched place) to (insert another far fetched far place.) They were probably telling the truth that people today are a lot lazier than in the past. Laziness is no excuse for stupidity, no matter how bad his feet hurt at 21 years old he isn't entitled to take some ones car.

I bet he thought this was good excuse, unfortunately the police didn't. I wonder if he will get points in court for at least being honest ? Ah well welcome this honest BIG DUMMY into the BIG DUMMY FILES.