This ↑↑↑ gentleman was arrested this morning in Mesquite, Texas, after leading police on a low-speed chase. Police said they received a 911 cal from the manager of the Albertson's grocery store whole told them a man had stolen multiple items of makeup and then fled the store in a dark SUV. Officers located the vehicle and tried to make a traffic stop, but the driver refused to pull over.

A 40-minute chase ensued through parts of Mesquite and southeast Dallas. He finally stopped and surrendered to police after his tires were deflated by spike strips. The man was identified as Edgar Rodriguez, 31, of Mesquite.

He was charged with a state felony of theft because of a prior conviction. He was also charged with evading apprehension with a vehicle, another state jail felony. Why he did it? The world will never know . Welcome this BIG DUMMY into the Big Dummy Files.