According to the NY DAILY POST, a Colombian man who escaped from a prison last year after he was sentenced to 60 years in prison for kidnapping, robbery and extortion, was re-arrested last weekend during a routine stop-and-search.

During his time on the run, Giovanni Rebolledo underwent surgery to become "Rosalinda" and worked as a prostitute. He got breast implants and began dressing as a woman. But he didn't get a new ID card, because that was how cops were able to identify him.

Giovanni was part of a gang that used beautiful women to seduce wealthy men into coming home with them. Once the men were at the woman's home, they were tortured with electric shocks, beaten and forced to hand over their bank cards, PIN numbers and other valuables.

This wasn't a bad idea, if you really wanted to stay out of jail. The part that makes this stupid is this man went through all this trouble to escape the police and gets caught by not changing his I.D. Wow!!

Sometimes simple mistakes can mess up your master plan. Welcome Giovanni AND Rasolinda into the BIG DUMMY FILES!