The other day in a Brooklyn 7-Eleven, a young man was grabbed, bitten, beaten, and stripped of his clothes after being accused of stealing a candy bar!

There are two 7-Eleven workers caught on camera (not doing their job) pulling the young man back into the store and I am quite sure that this is not a part of their job description when they catch someone in the act of stealing! They are willing to risk their life over a candy bar; is it really worth taking the chance?

My question is this, for the people that work in these stores are you really willing to risk your life over something so petty—a candy bar? Do you really think the power(s) at the top gives a damn about the loss of one candy to the bottom line of the company? People are starving in this country, yet this country spends enormous amounts of money for the military to kill people around the world and we just can’t seem to get it right with our own citizens; welfare, public assistance, etc.

I think that the workers of this store were wrong for the actions that they took! What are your thoughts?