Welcome Blake T. Sanderford, to the Big Dummy Files; The 21-year-old from Metaire, Louisiana sexually abused his dog and posted photos of the assault on the Internet. As if it isn't bad enough to sexual assault an animal then to post it on the Internet .... Really ?

He was forced to admit to the crime after the recording surfaced on the Internet, according to his arrest report. Sanderford, is being held on $11,000 bond, and his dog was being examined by veterinarians. This is sick... Why would anyone want to do something like this ? Then be that stupid to post the video on the internet. I think it all goes back to people wanting attention on the internet. We discussed this yesterday...

The Animal Shelter took custody of the dog when Sanderford was arrested Wednesday, police said.

"Once it is determined the dog is healthy, we plan to place the dog up for adoption to a good home," Poor dog it will probably be hard to find a owner now.

The crime came to light after a "concerned citizen" saying a man in south Louisiana was "sexually abusing his pet dog, a female Siberian Husky and posting videos approximately two minutes in length depicting an adult white male having sexual intercourse with a dog," the arrest report said. What was the "concerned citizen" doing watching this anyways ?

During an interview, Sanderford admitted using his computer web camera to record himself having sex with the husky, the report said.

Police booked him with crime against nature and aggravated cruelty to animals. Welcome to THE BIG DUMMY FILES .... disgusting