Some people call it the “hashtag” rap flow or the “pause, stop” rap flow or the “supa dupa” flow. Whatever the name, there’s all kinds controversy about who created it and Ludacris has is mad because Big Sean and Drake thinks he stole the style from them. He released lyrical Ether for the two on his new track Ba Da Boom

Big Sean thinks he invented the style he used for “Supa Dupa”. Are you serious? This whole style is basically just using commas, punctuation. See I just used it with out even trying. True its just overused but thats Hip Hop some one will do something and everyone else starts doing it after. Big Sean is crazy with the claim he ‘changed Hip-Hop’ with the introduction of it. The “History Lesson” \disproves that entire notion. Then here comes Drake. Now, he didn’t like one instance in which Luda used that delivery (“Like a parade…MACY’S”) FINE. But to say Luda “picked it up”, and should leave it to “people who know what they’re doing”? That’s just disrespectful. Drake needs to be put in his place. Luda was platinum before Drake was even on Degrassi Sit Yo A$$ Down.... See I did it again

Whether or not you think Big Sean or Drake is better than Ludacris is irrelevant, and an argument to be held elsewhere. But there aint a way in hell you’re going to sit here and tell me Big Sean is the originator and Drake is the perfecter of flow, when there is evidence that says otherwise. Biggie, Method Man, Q-Tip— I don’t even have to go on. Thats why Big Sean and Drake are being put into the Big Dummy Files for not knowing there Hip Hop history.