Now I really find this hard to believe but it is true, Ludacris has done something that I would have never imagined he’d do!

I remember back in 2009 asking Ludacris to voice a promo for our know Thyself Campaign on the ancient pre dynastic Egyptian Pharaoh Narmer. While recording the script, Ludacris expressed a couple of expletives probably due to the fact that he did not know this (his) very important black history fact.

Ludacris has always been a pretty outspoken rapper when it comes to his music and the misogynistic nature of his lyrics and sexual innuendos. So it is very interesting to know that now he has launched a new website that is targeted to children loaded with educational material, songs, games and stories called The site is named after his 10-year old daughter Karma, isn’t it amazing how having children can change your perspective on life?