Last April Sjunseeargn Foxx’s life was forever changed while in Atlanta, Georgia for a conference.

Sjunseeargn was involved in a major motor vehicle collision. As a result, Sjunseeargn almost lost her life.

Unresponsive and unable to move at the scene, paramedics had to rush her to the closest hospital.

Sjunseeargn was missing for almost 6 hours before her mother was contacted and informed of the severity of her condition.

But she is making an incredible recovery after a near-fatal car crash left her almost completely paralyzed.

Sjunseeargn Foxx still has a long way to go after that crash in April.

In April, Foxx drove to Atlanta to attend a conference.

She was heading to pick up a friend from the airport when the unthinkable happened.

"I was rear-ended by another car. They just didn't slow down, and they ran into the back of me," Foxx said, although she does not remember the crash.

Foxx spent days in an Atlanta hospital.

After she was able to be transferred to ECMC, Fox stayed there for months, unable to talk or move and breathing with the help of a ventilator. But now she is able to shared her story. See the video below and CLICK HERE for the rest of the story and how you can help!