This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT and HOPEFULLY the MOST IMPACTFUL song of our times.  I have not heard a song in my lifetime that has as much Social Relevance as this single song.  I AM LOVING THIS SONG!!!!!

Before you listen...and you may have heard about it already... the song, which features a rap verse by L.L. Cool J., is called "ACCIDENTAL RACIST" by Country Star Brad Paisley and whether this song is from Brad's HEART or not... it really doesn't matter to me.  We always hear and express how "WE" as African-American / Black people feel about Racism and what it feels like being "BLACK IN AMERICA" but we never hear White people say anything about the "bad rap" they sometimes get for something their  ancestors did which they had no part in.

It's about time a White person spoke out about what it's like to have to "walk on egg-shells" (as mentioned in the song) when around "some" Black people.  There are Black people who just don't like and can't stand ALL WHITE PEOPLE because of what was suffered by Blacks during Slavery and even during the 60's.  Some White people feel it's unfair to be blamed for what they "personally" did not do...and some feel that all that WAS done should be left behind as "History" while we all move forward.  I don't think the song suggests that we should forget about what happened altogether, but the song does make a great point with respect to moving beyond "History".

While there are still White people who are Racist (and Blacks as well); I really believe this song will make them think twice...especially with it being a Country Music song....which (White people may not realize) is considered by many Blacks to be racist simply based on it's genre of music because of the YEEEEEE - HAWWWWW stigma attached to Country Music, which is reminiscent of the chant associated with Lynchings in the South!

Well, you listen to the song and make your own assessment as to what you think and then please share your thoughts below in the comments section!  I've also posted some video of a couple of reactions to the song for you to check out.  Thanks for reading my Blog today!