Anyone who's been reading my blogs knows I wan't impressed with the "Carter 4."  There was only ONE song on the whole album that I could see myself listening to on a regular basis. That song is Mirror. Now the video has been released and I must say, I'm happy with the results.

When I first heard that Lil Wayne was going to be working with Bruno Mars, I was immediately impressed and eager

No pressure on the video right?... WRONG! If the video didn't end up doing the song justice, I was going to HAVE to go on a Weezy strike. Especially after his fashion choices for "The Motto" video with Drake. You know, the neon UGGS and leggings? LoL

I respect this video because it stays true to the depth of the track. The video gives the fans a chance to get up-close and vulnerable with Wayne in a way he hasn't ventured into in his videos before. From the zoomed in views of his MANY tattoos, to the straight emotion he gives off through it, to the many lines of subtext to be taken in the meaning of the paint.

I can safely say that I give the video TWO thumbs up and only hope that the next album to drop has more singles that will mirror "Mirror."

What do you think??

Found this video in the suggestions on YouTube and thought it was creative so I decided to share it with you for your enjoyment! :)