Lil Yachty's come up has been swift and, for better or worse, hasn't reached its apex yet. Regardless of how you feel about Boat and his style, there's no denying that he has the attention of the youth and therefore the attention of the rap world as a whole.

On his latest offering, "You Gon See," Yachty links up with in-house producer Burberry Perry to stunt on everyone who doubted him along the way. Using his melodic tone to ride Perry's simple instrumental, Yachty continues his polarizing rise with another joint that will have traditionalists shaking their heads and young'ns turning up.

The Atlanta native recently dropped the visual for "1 Night" and when XXL spoke to Lil him for “The Break” the rapper credited the song for helping him blow up. “I made [‘1 Night’] last year, last summer. I don’t know if it been out but I been made it. It just popped off,” he said. “This kid made like a parody video online and that shit just popped off. It’s crazy because when he first posted it I didn’t think it was going to pop off. He posted it on Tumblr. I need somebody to post the video on Twitter, my photographer did it and it started to take off. A hundred retweets, five hundred retweets, a thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand, hundred thousand, then it started going to other Twitters then Worldstar, then Facebook. A million retweets, a million likes, a million hits, and then Chief Keef posted it, it went everywhere.”

While we're at it, check out Burberry Perry's new self-titled EP below.

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