Five days before Lil Wayne's ninth studio album The Carter IV was set to drop, the album leaked and began illegally circulating on the internet.

According to Mack Maine, "...This is the first time the albums leaked so close to the release date. Tha Carter III leaked two weeks before and we still did 1 million the first week. So if history repeats itself, we shouldn't have any problems."

Despite the circumstances, Billboard reported Tuesday that The Carter IV could potentially sell between 850,000 and 900,000 copies in its first week. Billboard also projects the album will hit No.1 on the Billboard 200 next week.
With over 300,000 downloads in the first four days of it's release, The Carter IV broke iTunes store's single-week album sales record.

"We did real good this time, real good. It just means people want to hear it... I'm glad mines leaked," Wayne told Jim Cantiello, a MTV News correspondent..

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