Lil Wayne is not slowing down in any way shape or form. He just release the platinum Carter IV last month, and he is already working on the follow up. This time it is a joint album with Dipset MC Juelz Santana. This was actually supposed to be released circa 2006, but you know how that goes.

"The next project he's working on is "I Can't Feel My Face" with [Juelz Santana]," Young Money President Mack Maine told "Elz is a talented man. He's a young legend. [Wayne's] back working in the studio."

Lil Wayne said he and Santana were "like brothers." Santana added, "He's on fire, I'm on fire and I respect him on a music level as well as a friendship level. It's the same vice versa so we thought we might as well get together and make it happen."
Also Mack Maine confirmed a follow up to We Are Young Money, and the Drake and Wayne collabo album as well. Lil Wayne seems to be a busy man. Check out this throwback from the Drought 3. *Explicit*