Lil Wayne says his new album is on the same level as 2008's  Tha Carter III, which sold 1 Million copies in a week.


With Beats by Kanye West and Cool & Dre 2012's I Am Not A Human Being II album should give Weezy's fans something to be proud of. 

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Kanye West contributed to the Carter III success, producing "Comfortable" f/ Baby Face

and "Let the Beat Build"

And now Weezy confirms that Kanye definitely "Had a Big hand" in producing the sequel to I Am Not A Human Being. In a MTV interview he said.

“Yeah 'Ye got some music on there. It’s crazy, actually I don’t want to give too much up but he’s got a big hand in the album, you’ll see. You’re getting the quality of all my albums: Tha Carter IV, Tha Carter III, the same with this I Am Not A Human Being II. Hope you like it.”

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Wayne reveals other producers on the album due out December 11 2012

"I got people like Juicy J, Cool & Dre, David Banner ... "


As a fan since the Drought mixtapes, I really hope Weezy and Yeezy go back to the Lil Wayne and Kanye West we grew to love, shall I say "Back in the Day". Because if the world as we know it disappears according to the Mayan calender, this may be the last CD released in the history of Humanity!!

That kinda brings new meaning to the title "I Am Not a Human Being" huh?

To be continued .....