Everyone knows about Lil' Kim's beef with Nicki Minaj, but the Queen Bee has problems with more than just her younger counterpart. During a recent interview, Lil' Kim said that Nicki isn't the only one in her sites. After being asked about Diddy taking a managerial interest in Nicki, Kim stated, "I feel it was very disrespectful because me knowing Puffy, being with Puffy for so long. I remember plenty of times when I might have said something that might have been offensive about somebody, if this was back in the day Puffy would not let any of those records go out. As a matter of fact he would tell me, 'no, no ,no you gotta change that,' especially if it was somebody he had a relationship with, or he was getting money with, he wouldn't let that ride like that." Kim went on to say she was friends with Ronald "Slim" Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records, for a number of years, and had an opportunity to record with Birdman. "Baby sent this song to me called 'Grinding Making Money' and I loved it. I sent it back to em and I already had a feeling they were gonna wanna put [Nicki] on the record... I kind of felt like they wanted some type of help with homegirl and I didn't mind that because I felt like I already seen the direction they were going with her. So I said, 'Maybe if I come over there, she'll stop throwing these shots that she be throwing.' Because before I came over there, I already seen the shots she used to be throwing on the low. But I didn't really pay that no attention because I feel like a lot of girls are misguided when they come in the industry. They always feel like whoever is on top, that's who [they] gotta go after. And that is not the way to do it. Coming in the game, do you. They put the song out, and I got a better response and I never heard back from them.

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