Lil Kim is not only back in the studio working on her next album but she’s also going to try to answer the many questions that her fans and neigh-sayers have been asking her through a series of ventures including a book about her stint in jail and she’s putting out a documentary as well.

“I got a bunch of singles that we’re getting ready to throw out in a few seconds,” she says. “We’re going to throw out a few singles first so we can get everybody familiar with my new sound. I have a documentary that I’m going to put out, and that’s going to explain a lot of things where people can stop asking me silly questions and stuff like that. When I put the documentary out, a lot of questions will be

Will you support Lil’ Kim returning to the scene? Do you think that she has the ability to take-over again given that Nicki Minaj’s mental status is being questioned by her fans? Let us know what you think!