A little boy on the net twerkin to birthday cake. This is disgusting, this is horrible. This had nothing to do with gay or straight. Just because it's a kid that put himself out there like that. The parents should have a better hold on the child. This was just indecent. Gay or not, you shouldn't be on the net shaking your a** unless you are grown. Where are this boys parents ? This seems like something that will attract pedophiles I couldn't get through 30 seconds of it before I turned it off. Very sad stuff going on the internet. Lets go ahead and put this boys neglectful PARENTS (MOTHER AND FATHER) into the big dummy files. This boy isn't old enough to pay for the light bulb in the room where he is recording this video from. He is in his school uniform cursing and posting inappropriate things on the internet. Somebody should call CPS to investigate this household. This makes me sick !