Every Thursday night since I moved to Buffalo, downtown has been on slam with 18+ party people bar crawling up and down Chippewa. And tonight is the grand finale  "College Night" as the party popper city council will make such nights illegal starting next Thursday. 

(This news clip was aired a few months ago. The temporary  "Thursday Permit" expires next week)

Grab your friends and head to the Chippewa district for one last night of partying in the USA because next weekend all the other kids with the pumped up kicks will make a run for the border where the 19+ party and drink every day of the week!

The ban on college nights starts October 3rd and excludes the clubs/bars outside Delaware/Chippewa ave.  I have a feeling the UB campus area is going to have a lot more 18+ parties attended by underage, un-enrolled "students" looking for a good time.