Kobe FANS: Yell out to Kobe "SHE WASN'T WITH YOU SHOOTING IN THE GYM".  Kobe was out eating at a popular restaurant after the Lakers game signing autographs.  Fans made their way up to him and yelled the popular line about Kobe's estranged wife Vanessa Bryant from the Rick Ross song - Stay Scheming. 

In the song Drake raps, "Kobe about to lose one hundred and fifty M's [Million}, Kobe My N—- hate it to have to be him, B—- you wasn't with me shootin in the gym."

The interesting thing about this is divorce laws work both ways.  Who ever is the bread winner has to pay out when the couple splits.  It's very rare you hear about public FIGURES who are women having to pay ridiculous amount of money to their ex.  Why ? because women make smarter dating choices, than men.  Women aren't quick to make a husband out of any MAN who they find attractive. 

Men need to look deep especially if they are public figures. All the hard work it takes to get to the NBA, NFL, Congress etc, and you just give it away to a woman you want to HAVE SEX with? Make your woman grind just like you did before she lives the high life instead of popping bottles with her make her buy her own.  If Kobe had done this he wouldn't be sitting in a restaurant listening to some random fans yelling "SHE WASN'T WITH YOU SHOOTING IN THE GYM !"