The latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES, is a Memphis woman is facing child endangerment charges after police say she told her 9-year-old niece to walk an intoxicated man across six lanes of traffic. According to WREG, police saw what was going on and stopped to question the pair. That's when the girl told them she was told to “accompany the older intoxicated male of no relation to the store to make sure her got there safely,” by her aunt. Dianna Foster was arrested and thrown in jail.

This is a damn shame, we have got to do better. This is truly pathetic instead of her just taking the drunk man across the street her self she sends a 9 year old little girl. I'm pretty sure that this woman is on drugs, this definitely sounds like crack head behavior. From the looks of her smiling in the picture and for the child's sake I hope they get this BIG DUMMY some drug counseling.