Rapper Kreayshawn, and I use that term very loosely was hacked and some one posted racist tweets via her twitter page. She is the latest "victim" of online hackers who post fake post on twitter. Here are some of the post from her page:

Kreayhawn is going in the BIG DUMMY FILES not because of these stupid tweets, but because she is stupid enough to get hacked. Being that she is already under skeptics eyes being that she is a white female rapper. Here is her official statement about the tweets:

"I didn't tweet that statement, it's a fake RT, which happens to me all the time but they don't usually get taken seriously or get picked up like this last one," she said. "I can't control the hateful things that people do to me. There's always a bunch of fake RT's out there so don't assume that I actually said the things you see on your TL."

Also from the controversy her sister (another "rapper") V Nasty cause from her use of the N Word. You would think Kreayshawn would walk the straight and narrow when it comes to race relations. Why would you even risk your account being hacked by clicking on a link if your trying to make it in the entertainment business. I have been on twitter since 08 and never once have been hacked. I don't believe it, but even with the excuse of being "hacked" she still makes her way into THE BIG DUMMY FILES. I hope this makes her and wack sister go away.