We thought that we would start the first “Know Thyself Community Wednesday” of the New Year off with:

“What does Know Thyself mean to you?”

This campaign was launched almost two and a half years ago now and we would like to know how it has made a difference in our community.

Here is how I relate to knowing myself/thyself:
 To “Know Thyself” is to know that your internal reference point is self realization and not your ego. You are not bound or imprisoned by the hypnosis of social conditioning, which is for the most part the everyday experience of what people call normal in our society.
To “Know Thyself” is to know how to deal with the toxins in your life; the toxins that create havoc in your physical body, as well as your mental state of being. This refers of course to toxic foods and drink. This also refers to toxic relationships and toxic emotions.

To “Know Thyself” is to shed your need for approval. It is the ego that needs approval; the ego that seeks external power. The need to control, the need for approval; the need for external power are fear based needs; they are compulsions that are rooted in fear and threat!

To “Know Thyself” is to use the mirror of relationship for your own evolution. Knowing that those we love and those that we hate are both mirrors of the self. We are attracted to those people in whom we see things that we want for ourselves and we dislike those people in whom we discover traits that we are denying in ourselves. Relationship is a tool for the evolution of our consciousness.

To “Know Thyself” is to have an awareness of your body as the experience of pure consciousness; that your body with all its sensuality and its sensuousness is part of a sensuous universe which is full of joy—where birds sing, children play, stars glitter, and flowers bloom. This is a universe that is alive with consciousness. That to be centered to the experience of the body is to find the presence of the creator in a flower, if you cannot find the creator in a rainbow, in the eyes of a human being, a blade of grass, you will not find the creator in any book of religion.