Hey fam, I'm looking to get your opinion on what's really good with these artists and their music. Kinetic Korner will feature two artists and one song each for you to judge.

All I want from you is you honest take on the battle between the two artists.

To kick off this new battleground, we have Miguel vs. CJ Hilton! Two young men who are very passionate about what they do. Plus, they know how to serenade the ladies just right! Both come from the songwriter's world to the singer's paradise and are making their marks as new music is flooding in.

Who gets your vote? Is it a K.O. or just O.K.? Let me know if it's a "Sure Thing" or "So Fresh" ;)

CJ Hilton -- Cold Summer -- @iamcjofficial

Music by Singersroom.com | More on CJ Hilton

Miguel -- All I Want Is You -- @MiguelUnlimited

Music by Singersroom.com | More on Miguel