In 2012 i'm going to post more things I LOVE, and Kelly Rowland is definitely one of those things in this world I LOVE. This is the latest video from Kelly Rowland and its not a “MUSIC VIDEO” she is a spokesperson for Sexy Abs. This will get you right for the summer time ladies !

“Superstar Kelly Rowland & Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins for this super fun and motivating Sexy Abs workout. This workout starts with a fun heart pumping standing warm-up to prep you for 6 chapters of Sexy Abs Training with Kelly Rowland & her trainer Jeanette Jenkins. This workout will help you develop core strength, tone & flexibility so you look good & feel good! “

That’s from the official website the hollywood trainer. I think this workout will definitely get your stomach right but all this sounds like blah blah blah because the only reason I posted this is because OF THE BODY on KELLY ROWLAND !!!!! wow . So ladies get this for the summer time so I can LOVE you like I love KELLY ROWLAND.