Kanye West is back to being a drama queen, he kicked a Fan out of the Watch The Throne concert, for throwing a business card on to the stage. Kanye stops the show to find who the business card-thrower was.

“I see it come from that direction, so all four of them got to go. Unless one person raises their hand and says ‘I’m the one who did it’, all that whole section gotta go. These cubes go 20 feet in the air, fam. We risking our lives up here, you can’t go throwing s**t that we gonna slip on. So look, this whole section right here girls and guys gotta go, you got the person.”

This is was over dramatized... Really your going to slip and fall off the stage from a business card ? A bottle or something bigger yes a business card no. There is no way this is possible this could've hurt him, this sounds like a scene from the next Final Destination Movie. The guy finally admitted to throwing the card, and was escorted out. I would like to know what business the card was for, I hope it wasn't 5 linx.
Was Kanye West wrong for throwing his FAN out of the concert ? He did warn you not to "LET HIM GET IN HIS ZONE"