With his seventh studio album only three days away, convention might suggest that Kanye West could not possibly continue tinkering away with it, and yet, early Monday morning (Feb. 8) a single tweet suggests just that. In recent weeks, Kanye has appeared in photos alongside a bevy of artists in studio with him presumably adding to what was once known as Swish and then Waves. Up late though, perhaps working off a post-Super Bowl buzz, Kanye tweeted, "There may be a new secret album title" following it up with "Caught 10,000 retweets in half a second #facts."

Kanye has used Twitter perhaps more than ever in the rollout to his secretly titled album, even erupting at Wiz Khalifa on the social platform a few weeks back. The comment about retweets comes less than a week after West trolled fans and media members alike with an inauthentic Rolling Stone cover, adding to the notion that his grasp on internet culture and vocabulary has increased as of late. As for the album's title, Kanye said on Big Boy's morning radio show last week, that following his wife Kim Kardashian's Twitter poll, he has stripped the project of an official name. It was assumed that he would side with So Help Me God, the title that won Kim's poll, but Kanye's latest tweet seems to suggest otherwise.

Whatever the title ends up being, fans will be able to hear Kanye's latest at the Yeezy Season 3 fashion show this Thursday (Feb. 11) at Madison Square Garden and in theaters worldwide. The show acts as a listening party of sorts as well, with those who purchased a ticket receiving a free digital download of the album as well. Check out Kanye's tweets below and stay tuned for any more changes, which, at this rate, are sure to pile on in the coming days.

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