The man who created the controversial 20-foot mural of Kanye West kissing himself is cashing out. The Australian artist Scott Marsh recently announced he sold a print of the artistic embodiment of West's personality for $100,000 to an unknown buyer.

Marsh, who seemed satisfied with the big payday, revealed the sale on social media. Posting a picture of the sold out six-figure print on Instagram he noted, "If anyone needs me I'll be at the #lordgladstone drinking from the topshelf😂.... #whatamonth."

What a month indeed. It all started a few weeks ago when the large mural seemingly popped up out of nowhere on a wall in Chippendale, Sydney.

After a photo of the mural went viral, Marsh decided to capitalize off the sensation. Several days after it went up, he demanded $100,000 and a lifetime supply of Yeezys if West wanted him to take the painting down. Marsh even revealed that the Chicago MC’s management team reached out to him and offered to pay him to paint over the mural. But Marsh declined. The painter agreed to paint over the mural only if Kanye bought a print of the image for $100,000 and stocked him with a lifetime supply of his adidas Yeezy Boosts.

It is unclear whether West was the actual buyer of the print. But if Marsh starts stunting on the 'Gram in every pair of Yeezy Boosts that drops from now on, it might be a safe bet that he did.

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