Kanye West is giving an unedited look into his psyche this morning. The rapper sits down for a live interview with In Camera, which is happening right now (Oct. 6).

The show conducts interviews in real time and allows anyone around the world to ask a guest questions. That means everything is unedited and unadulterated with the braggadocios rapper.

So far the 38-year-old entertainer has talked about the problems with paparazzi, his wife, Kim Kardashian and his mother, Donda. Wearing a camouflage T-shirt, Yeezy must have known he should be prepared for war when the entire world can throw remarks to you at once.

During the talk, he also shares that he's "never" experienced self-doubt and that he "loved clothes before I knew a f--- about the fashion world."

The Yeezus creator also admits his creativity is from God but his ability to not care about other opinions comes from his family.

He continued to compare himself to the famous painter Michelangelo to which he responds with: "Ask any musician of the past 15 years and I will be the closest things to that."

As for his presidency, North West's dad is prepared to humble himself for when he doesn't know the answer during debates. And instead he will proceed to ask the top people in the related field to come back with the top two answers. As for solving problems of the world, the 2020 presidential candidate actually has a good plan.

"Sit with engineers and come up with solutions and alternatives for people without opportunity that end up having to go to desperate measures or feel like their life isn't worth living or feel like other people's lives don't matter," he said of what he is geared to do as president.

Watch the interview as it happens above.

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