Food 2 Families is truly a labor of love BUT this year is extra special because we really, REALLY do not want to lose a bet we made with our friends at Channel 2.

With your help WE need to raise more money than our TV counterparts; and seeing as YOU somehow managed to land on WBLK’s Food 2 Families donation page – whether intentionally or not – have at it and help out by donating to this great cause.

By donating, YOU will help us help families AND aid in helping us win our bet with Channel 2. They already are better looking (ever hear the expression “Face For Radio”?) and they wear way nicer clothes, so we really do not feel like cleaning WGRZ’s break room (you don’t actually get to see how disgusting their staff fridge is on TV). 

We’re excited YOU want to help us raise money to benefit the Food Bank of WNY. But trust us, we are not nearly as excited as the families that these contributions will help feed.

So please, consider anything you can spare and give a gift of hope to a family in need this holiday season.

Happy Merry Christmakwanzakah!