Vh1 is known for its outrageous, rating getting, reality shows and the popular show Love & Hip Hop is no exception. Made up of the long time girlfriends, baby mommas, managers and aspiring music artists of many rappers in the game, this show is worth its weight in gold, in pure hot messiness.

This week’s episode came to a head when rapper Jim Jones of the diplomats proposed to girlfriend of 7 years Chrissy Lampkin. Throughout this season, Chrissy has cried nearly every episode, complaining that she has reached the end of her rope, waiting for Jim to fully commit to her and make her his bride. Especially after a heart wrenching proposal she pulled off to Jim last season.

With teary eyes Chrissy exclaimed “Yes!” seemingly getting what she has always desired. The events have sparked debate on the internet and throughout the blog sites whether 7 years is too long to wait for a man to decide if he wants to marry you. So I ask the question, how long is too long?

Personally, though I admire Chrissy’s confidence and perseverance, I do not agree with proposing to a man or giving an ultimatum regarding marriage. If a man wants to marry you, he will. I do think 7 years is a good amount of time to be with someone and be stagnant with no progression in sight. However, I understand Chrissy’s reasoning for applying pressure. After all she is six years his senior.

What made Jim Jones the commitment phoebe he is today or many men in this day in age? Are most men okay with just playing house?  As a woman, what role do you play in having your significant other take that ultimate step in making you his bride?

These are the same questions Chrissy Lampkin asked herself and there are countless more women asking themselves as well. I think you just have to know your significant other. Is he afraid of commitment? Is he the kind of man who looks forward to marriage and a family afterwards?

Chances are if you have to force him into a relationship, you will have to force him into marriage. I don’t know about others, but I for one prefer a man who wants to be with and marry me not one I have to hold a gun up to his head.

What are your thoughts, what would you do?