I don't know whether this is supposed to be comedy or what ? Pastor Jim Colerick is the BIG DUMMY of the night, he made a rap video about Jesus Christ being his N*gga.

This video showcases the pastor disrespecting his own religious beliefs. He also disrespected him self Pastor Jim has to be all of 70 years old no one wants to hear an old man rap about anything. Old rappers have a hard enough time trying to get people to take them seriously, and they are half his age. What made Pastor Jim Colerick, think some one was going to consider this anything but a stupid joke.

Jim Colerick, looks like he is familiar with the saying the N word because he was probably alive back in the days when this was publicly acceptable. He even has his wife in the video, participating in the stupidity. This video is too ridiculous to be real. Someone just wanted an excuse to say n**ga in the name of comedy.