A man of many talents, Jermaine Dupri is stepping outside the music world and into the realm of social networking. With sites like Facebook and Twitter, Dupri launched G14 or Global14.com with hopes that the site will offer a sense of engagement and conversation that the competition have strayed from.

What makes G14 unique is that Dupri wants there to be a constant flow of 2 way communication. Instead of users just posting something with no audience response or reaction, he stresses the idea of discussion. Like many other social networking sites you can create a personal profile; however, G14 also includes over 500 discussion boards where members can share ideas and opinions on everything from love and relationships, to politics and policies.

“I’m trying to encourage young America to get more involved in what’s going on with social media and the tech world,” says Dupri. “I want to show them that we can use computers for more than just watching crazy videos, posting pictures and reading about celebrities (www.examiner.com).”

Dupri's network has been up less than three months and already has over 10,000 followers, many of which are celebrities including P.Diddy, Mariah Carey, and Kevin Hart. Dupri stressed that G14 is not about the number of followers you get, its about the relationship you establish with your friends, and using these relationships to fuel a whole new level of social interaction.