Jeremy Lin’s TIME magazine cover is causing a little bit of controversy since he’s only have five games and other notable basketball stars have never had this cover.

After a total of five games as a starter Jeremy Lin has made the cover of TIME magazine. This is supposed to be a statement as finally being successful in whatever field your involved in. Here are a few interesting stats about TIME magazine covers: Kobe Bryant has never been on the cover of Time. Same goes for Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning and just about every other active athlete in professional sports today. LeBron James made the cover as part of Time’s preview of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Amazing right here are some more fun facts about a TIME cover the Olympics are one of the only time that Time puts a sports subject on the cover with Bode Miller, Magic Johnson (twice) and Carl Lewis making the magazine cover.

That is great company for Lin to be in considering he hasn't really won a championship or really had a successful season yet. I don't think the reason for him making the cover of TIME has anything to do with his skill it all has to do with him crossing racial barriers. The continent of Asia has over 2 billion people on it what a great audience for basketball, and if every Asian person buys a TIME magazine it equals money. Lin is having a great season but he should also makes sure he shouts out Wataru Misaka, the FIRST MINORITY to play in the NBA.

Not only is he of Asian decent he is the first non white to play in the NBA in 1947. The Knickerbockers drafted Wataru Misaka, a 5-foot-7, 150-pound yes he was only, 5-7, 150 pounds point guard. Congratulations to Lin he has been on the TIME cover as many times as Michael Jordan, I hope he can live up to his legacy matter of fact No I don't I'm a BULLS FAN FOREVER.