Yesterday, Jay-Z invited fans, members of the media, regulars at the 40/40 Club and some celebrities to an art gallery in New York City. Little did they know, they were about to be unpaid extras in his music video. Check out some behind the scenes footage of the six-hour "performance" inside.

On Wednesday afternoon, Hov took over Chelsea’s Pace Gallery for the entire day to film the music video for “Picasso Baby”, off the Magna Carta Holy Grail album. The weird thing is that everyone involved (minus the steadicam operators) thought Jay-Z was just in some sort of zone that prompted him to perform the same song over and over again!

But any experienced background actor knows that when you are asked to sign a release form and remove all articles of clothing with logos or bright colors, you are about to be a part of a major filming project.

This guy seemed to enjoying the experience:

What's up with the white bull/cow/goat-looking Illuminati mascot in the crowd??

Gotta love Jay for this innovative way of cutting the music video budget! By "inviting" the people to stand around for six hours, Hov saved production from having to pay each of those extras $75 for the day! #NewRules

This guy is a piece of work! Literally. They all staring at him like he's a moving piece of art! #PicassoBaby

This girl in the black dress looks like she is putting a spell on Jay-Z. What's up with the scary jazz hands?? Comment below or on Twitter: @JazzyTOnAir!