"ATTENTION  !! all artist please push your release dates back" lol, This will probably be the title of emails sent to all labels when Jay- Z & Kanye West release there collaborative album (Watch The Throne). With the music industry already crowded artist must be careful not to make releases around the time of other artist who usually sell more records than them. 
So when News broke that Jay - Z & Kanye were releasing this album fans across the world couldn't believe their ears.  The impact of this in my opinion will be Epic. Both artist alone are capable of selling millions alone so just imagine the effect when this drops.
Well if you are a true fan of music you will probably be doing the same as me and waiting eagerly for this to drop.
(UPDATE) Today the internet has been going crazy with the news that "WATCH THE THRONE" album will ellidgly be dropping 8/8/11 and that the official tour will begin soon. Fans acrsoss the world are pleased with this news (i kn