Rap mogul Jay-Z is being accused of harassing tenants, in hopes that they will vacate the building the rapper partly owns.

According to Fox News, tenants have paid their rent however; the landlord has never cashed the checks.

"The whole thing has been so unsettling,” former tenant Liza Tedeschi tells FoxNews.com exclusively. “I’ve been in tears over this.”

Tedeshi says that Jay-Z’s lawyers are trying to evict tenants.

“They filed a lawsuit against me knowing that I had paid the rent. The lawyer admitted it to me, yet they still filed the lawsuit against me,” says Tedeschi. “It’s total and utter harassment. They’re filing frivolous lawsuits. They gave my personal cell phone number out to what seems like every realtor in town to show my apartment. I’ve gotten phone calls at 9 p.m. on a Friday night. They’re on a coordinated crusade of harassment–everyone who’s left in the building is being sued.”

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