Jay Rock had the Internet buzzin after posting a picture of him “dapped up” with Dr. Dre in the studio. A report in xxlmag.com says the picture was snapped when Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar met with Doc to lay some tracks for Detox project. In a recent interview, Jay Rock spoke about the studio session stating, he was lucky to share airtime with one of the greatest hip-hop producers. “Man, that dude right there is a legend, a million rappers would love to work with him. I’m just lucky to get the opportunity.” Rumor has it that, Detox actually exists, it’s real, man, and from what I heard, I just gotta shake my head. The album is crazy.” Jay spoke on Dre’s work ethic by saying. “Everything gotta be right, you gotta give him 112%. It can’t be 99% or 100%. It has to be more than that. There’s 2,000 pieces, but at the end of the day all the pieces come together. His mind is crazy.” Jay’s currently putting the finishing touches on his debut album, Follow Me Home, for Tech N9ne’s Strange Music. He says the album is almost ready, but he’s still hoping to add one more piece to the puzzle: a beat from Dre. Follow Me Home is due out May 17th.