Buffalo's own Jay Batters just dropped a video for his Newest hit single "Picked Up In A Raid". Known for releasing records that the streets demand "Picked Up In A Raid" has been doing some pretty impressive numbers, mainly because in a industry where most artist rap about a life that is not theirs, this record shows that not all artist fake it (Whats understood doesn't need to be explained). Jay Batters puts it all on the line for the love of his music and fans and shares a side of his life that most artist would be scared to open up about, But true fans love him for it. Jay Batters has been putting work for a while now, he's even done records with some big name artist like Hell Rell (Dip Set). With hard work and the determination that Jay Batters has its not long until all of this pays off.

In Closing I have to say that I wish Jay Batters nothing but the best and I look forward to hearing more from him in the near future. I was put up on his music through Facebook one night when I seen his video for "Right Side Of The Map" .

For more on Jay Batters --> Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jbatters1