Tonight's BIG DUMMY is FORMER Rapper turned singer turned inmate 989879. Ja Rule, is currently doing time in prison for concealed weapons charges. Ja Rule claims "THAT JAIL IS AMAZING" ! Huh, what? I've never been to jail before and don't plan on going, but what I have seen on shows like Lock Down Raw there is nothing amazing about prison. It looks like an awful place. No women, no freedom equals the furthest thing from amazing to me. I'm glad Ja Rule is not relevant enough for anyone to take this seriously. If this was ten years ago there would actually be some one who thought prison was a cool place to go because Ja Rule said so.

Ja Rule claims he wouldn’t have met two of his prison buddies on the outside, Alan Hevesi and Dennis Kozowski. Hevesi is an ex-New York City comptroller serving time for corruption charges. Kozowski is a former Tyco CEO convicted of stealing Millions from the company. “They’re both great, smart guys,” He appreciates the opportunity to find new friends while in prison. Ja Rule told the Daily News. Ja Rule has also recently got his G.E.D. while in prison, I commend him for this. This sounds like someone trying to turn lemons into lemonade. Fortunately every knows prison is an awful place to be. Here is a great example of why PRISON IS NOT AMAZING.

Welcome Ja Rule to the Big Dummy Files.